Burundi: CRS initiatives to assist Batwa peoples

Excerpt from CRS website: "...Catholic Relief Services has been supporting "Action Batwa" since its inception. From 2000 to the present, CRS and the Missionaries of Africa have helped over 105 families in 20 villages with new housing, general health care and, in the face of a serious malaria epidemic, necessities such as clothes, soap, blankets, etc., and goats for animal husbandry. The collaboration will now provide new seeds and fruit plants, as well as uniforms and school fees for the children of participating families...In addition to CRS' assistance, the Missionaries of Africa have been able to open a dispensary, provide schooling assistance, liaison with local administrations for land ownership rights and foster trans-ethnic interaction by encouraging young students and craftsmen from other ethnicities to help the Batwa build..."Action Batwa" is funded primarily by The Missionaries of Africa and Catholic Relief Services, with additional funding by the McArthur Fund, Caritas New Zealand and Caritas Australia..."

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