Cameroon: Promoting Bagyeli Land Rights and Sustainable Livelihoods

Excerpt from FPP website: "...In Cameroon Forest Peoples Project is working with the marginalised Bagyeli people of south-west Cameroon. The project originated as a result of the Bagyeli's request to FPP to help them deal with the World Bank-endorsed Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline, which crossed their lands and was implemented without proper consultation with Bagyeli. The few compensation measures agreed for those communities affected by the pipeline were delivered in a way that further marginalised the Bagyeli in their dealings with their Bantu farming neighbours, and the Bagyeli have yet to benefit from the local and regional development initiatives associated with the pipeline...Our project is helping Bagyeli reduce their social marginalisation by enabling them to obtain information and develop their knowledge and skills to engage with civil society and policy makers and defend their rights, including their rights over their traditional lands. The project is supporting Bagyeli communities to meet and explore new ways of representing themselves in dialogues with Bantu communities, government and agencies responsible for the implementation of local development and conservation projects to mitigate the impacts of the oil pipeline. These are key steps to enable Bagyeli to reduce their poverty and secure sustainable livelihoods in the long term. The project is being implemented in collaboration with two local NGOs, CED (Centre pour l' Environnement et le Développement) and Planet Survey, and is funded by Comic Relief and DfID..."

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