ROC, Cameroon, Gabon: Tri-national Dja-Odzala-Mikébé project

Excerpt from Forest Peoples Programme's "The Global Environment Facility in Central Africa" March 2005 report:.. "project document notes that TRIDOM will seek to address the needs of indigenous peoples in particular “by (1)encouraging increased participation of pygmies in the decision-making process regarding natural resources, in particular during land-use planning exercise and (2) ensuring the recognition and protection of their rights, systems and knowledge, especially in terms of natural resource management”. This is one of the few available GEF project documents which refers to the rights of indigenous peoples. The project documents state that activities relating to indigenous peoples will build upon “the successful experiences catalyzed by WWF in implementing a collaborative management agreement on control of hunting with the Association of Baka pygmies of Minvoul (Northwestern of the Minkebe Forest Block), which aims at strengthening the legal and social status of the Baka and promoting benefit sharing from their ecological knowledge.” It is now clear, however, that WWF’s success at involving Baka Pygmies in their work has been grossly exaggerated – in most cases Pygmies are not involved in project activities, this has resulted in increased threats to their livelihoods..."

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