ROC: International Federation of the Red Cross

Excerpt from Annual Report (8/6/06) - IFRC: Republic of Congo: "..Goal: Respect for human dignity and more effective solidarity with the vulnerable are assured through the promotion of the Fundamental Principles and humanitarian values.
Objective: The level of discrimination against pygmies, people living with HIV/ AIDS (PLWHA), people with disabilities and victims of rape is reduced in the target areas (Pointe-Noire and the regions of Pool and Lekoumou. Achievements: *10 sessions were organized to disseminate the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross to 350 people; *A weekly radio programme was broadcasted on the national station in favour of urban and rural populations;
* Six sessions were organized to disseminate the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in four divisions of Congo; *Four issues of a quarterly information bulletin were published and distributed to the 11 divisional councils of the national society and to members of the public; *Information on Congolese Red Cross activities was sent to Yaounde for insertion in the information bulletin of the Yaounde sub-regional office. Impact: The beneficiaries adhere to the humanitarian action of the Red Cross, thanks to the impressive dissemination and promotion of Humanitarian Values, the Fundamental Principles and ideals of the Red Cross; * A significant audience is now aware of the activities of the national society and has access to the Congolese Red Cross-related information.."

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