ROC: UNICEF (2002-2003 Plan)

Excerpt from 2002 UN Plan, Republic of Congo page 73: "...Project Title: Provision of Basic Services to Indigenous Pygmies (ROC-02-N34)...Improve the health and nutritional condition, and educational status of the pygmies, while providing self-sustaining means-of-production advice and assistance
50,000 pygmy families (150,000 children) in the regions of Sangha, Likouala,
Plateaux and Lekoumou. Local and national administrative and health authorities, including international NGO’s and local communities: January 2002 - December 2003. Pygmies constitute the most vulnerable, and the most marginalised, segment of the population. This project represents a concerted effort by UNICEF to improve pygmies’ general living conditions, through better access to health-care (establishing community health centres), education (establishing community schools), and providing means-of-production advice and assistance (agricultural tools, seeds and micro-credit). 2002/2003: Equipment and supplies 300,000; Economic activity support 40,000; Basic materials 30,000; Awareness and information campaign 10,000;
Follow-up and evaluation 20,000; Programme Support 100,000; Total 500,000

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