Rwanda & DRC: Interventions by the Gorilla Organization

Excerpt from Gorilla organization's website: "...The Batwa and Bambuti pygmies of Rwanda and Congo: Increasingly seen as conservation’s unintended victims, the indigenous people of the Virunga volcanoes rainforest were ejected from their traditional foresthomes with the creation of the national parks. Unable to scrape a living outside the forest and rejected by local communities their lives deteriorated to near desperation. Recognising a real opportunity to redress the balance, the Fund, with its partners Eco-Action, in Congo, and AIMPO, in Rwanda, has provided land, tools, seeds, training,healthcare and assistance in making and marketing fuel-efficient stoves and traditional pottery to generate income. As a result, healthcare and nutrition have improved dramatically, 23 pygmy children are enrolled inschool and adult literacy classes are well attended..."

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