Rwanda: Sustainable livelihoods and community development

Excerpt from FPP website: "...This five-year programme works with our Batwa partner CAURWA (Communauté des Autochtones Rwandais) to decrease the marginalisation and poverty of the Batwa, the indigenous people of Rwanda. It builds on five years' prior work with CAURWA to build CAURWA's institutional capacity and develop its knowledge and skills to advocate for equal rights for Batwa people...The programme integrates human rights and advocacy work, education and income-generating activities. It is funded mainly by Comic Relief, with co-funding from Trócaire, the EU, Act!onAid, MRG and the British Embassy in Kigali. Forest Peoples Project is helping CAURWA to build its capacity to represent the Batwa, advocate for their rights and provide effective development support for Batwa communities. This work involves training and coaching in managing and implementing the programme of work, organisational management and development, training on human rights and advocacy and supporting CAURWA's work in regional and international indigenous rights processes..."

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