Uganda: Supporting Batwa peoples and UOBDU

Excerpt from FPP website: "...Since 1999 Forest Peoples Project has supported the Batwa in South West Uganda to help them resolve their problem of lack of land and develop sustainable alternative livelihoods. The Batwa's landlessness and acute poverty results from their expulsion from the Bwindi and Mgahinga forests and highly restricted access to forest resources when the forests were gazetted as national parks in 1991. FPP helped the Ugandan Batwa set up a community-based organisation UOBDU (United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda) to represent Batwa interests. With funding from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Comic Relief, Minority Rights Group and Netherlands Centre for Indigenous People, FPP is helping UOBDU build its capacity, obtain land outside the parks and begin dialogue with conservation agencies about access to park resources. We supported UOBDU to consult with the Batwa communities to identify their main problems and areas where they need support, and present the resulting agenda for Batwa development to donors and national agencies..."

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